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DIY Golden Rule - Guilding Wax by Debi's Design Diary

DIY Golden Rule - Guilding Wax by Debi's Design Diary

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Fast-drying low VOC furniture wax with a strong golden shimmer. Use sparingly or liberally, in spots, streaks, or sections, to get the results you're after.

    1.  Allow DIY Paint to dry completely before applying wax.  (15 minutes to a few hours.)
    2. Use wax brush, lint-free cloth, or your finger to evenly apply a thin layer of wax.  (Surface may appear uneven or translucent)
    3.  Allow to dry overnight.  (Appearance will even out)
    4.  After wax has dried, buff to a beautiful hard sheen with a soft cloth.
    5.  Finished surfaces should be kept free of moisture and extreme use for a week or more, to fully cure or harden.


    INGREDIENTS:  love, beeswax, carnauba wax, candelila wax, ceresin wax, isophar, pigment

    Live by the Golden Rule!

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