You Don't Need Anyone's Permission

You Don't Need Anyone's Permission

When I left college after a year and a half, I went back to the dorm to get all my stuff. The other women were kinda horrified that I was not only leaving college, but that I was going traveling - alone. Without my boyfriend. I didn’t worry about them or try to explain - we weren't friends when I was there, so I didn’t feel I owed them more of myself now that I was leaving - and I knew they’d never understand anyway.

It was February, and I was in New England, so when people asked me where I was going, I answered, "South." And I told my folks it was “for a semester”. I was the sibling who was always destined for college, so I had to let them down easy. I knew it wasn’t for a semester.

I was gone five years. They were outstanding years of learning, travel, finding stuff out, and finding my own way.

I’ve never stopped, really. I’ve lived in the same house now for 25 years, but I feel like I’m always on an adventure.

And yes, I did go back to college - and got my master’s degree. So even my folks were happy in the end. But most importantly, I did it all the way that made sense to me, even when it confused or bothered someone else.

You don't have to buy the storyline about how things are “supposed” to be, to be happy. Love every second of the path you take, and make it sparkle!

I'm a furniture artist, and I also paint on clothing, and brown paper bags, and old vinyl record albums, and shoes, lamps, mirrors, candleholders, and old books.

I also paint canvases, but they're not usually the first thing I think to paint on.

I do it my own way, and I'm still not looking for anyone's permission.

If you've read this far, I bet you do it your own way, too.

If you love color and unusual things made by human hands, please subscribe, follow, follow and scoot through the photos of my work. Thanks!

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