periwinkle wooden furniture cabinet with painted top from Live Yummy - Artful Living - Lisa Johnson, artist

Shocking Furniture Transformation & Rescue

Wait ... you WHAT?!

Yes, I'm playing with a watercolor style on furniture ... and I'm loving it!  I love mixing things up, trying things that "don't belong together" to get something new and exciting. 

What do you think?

 This started out a brown, ugly, neglected cabinet. Underneath the worn finish, I could see it had cool bones, and knew I could give it a new life.

ugly brown vintage antique cabinet needing repair Live Yummy - Artful Living - artist Lisa Johnson

Like most used pieces, it needed some repairs, a good sanding, and fabulous paint (which I use - and sell).

ugly brown cabinet furniture needing sanding repairs Live Yummy - Artful Living - artist Lisa Johnson
Do you have tired furniture at home? A side table, dresser, desk, that you're just tired of looking at?
periwinkle painted furniture cabinet by Live Yummy - Artful Living - artist Lisa Johnson
If you want me to refresh it for you, let me know ... whether you want flowers and sunshine, or copper and black, whether you want muted or exuberant, get in touch and let's see what I can do for you.
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