Real-World Skills Are Important for Entrepreneurs, Too

Real-World Skills Are Important for Entrepreneurs, Too

When you're sick, it doesn't matter how many people liked your post. If your child is hurt, you don't care how many followers you have. The celebrities you adore aren't taking note of your temperature or whether you can breathe today.

My business is important to me. Losing my physical store last summer means the online portion of it is essential now. And I'm having to basically rebuild it from scratch. I'm still trying to find my way, and I put a lot of effort and care into it, to serve you the best I can.

But along with that, I'm really glad that I'm a well-rounded person and that I have a lot of other skills - offline skills.

One of them is making homemade chicken soup from scratch. This is the kind of soup that you can't buy in stores or restaurants, delis or cafes.

It's a rich broth that I've simmered for hours, with hand-cut vegetables and the cleanest chicken I can find. Hand-smashed garlic. Diced onion. Full array of spices, chosen based on what kind of illness the family member has, but always lots of ginger and cayenne. It takes most of a day to make, and it's worth every moment.

For the past two weeks, I've been the patient I've been cooking for, and there's just nothing better than this soup. Some days I have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, because it's the only thing I want. It feels good and true, clean and clear.

I love being an entrepreneur who knows how to paint furniture, edit video, manage an autoresponder, hold a live on multiple platforms, turn a horizontal video into a vertical one, handle YouTube / TikTok / Facebook / Shopify / and email ... they're all good skills to have these days.

And I'm really glad to have real-world skills that matter when the power is out, when the computer is turned off, when my friends or family are sick.

What's your real-world skill that you most cherish?
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