I Hate My Parents' Furniture That I Inherited

I Hate My Parents' Furniture That I Inherited

what if I hate my parents' furniture

Many customers and friends tell me you feel immense guilt over how much you don't want the furniture your parents left you.

"I feel terrible - it was my grandparents'."

"I should want to save it, for my daughter."

"It's so big, and heavy, and dark, and clunky. It just doesn't 'fit' with us."

"I don't have time to fix it. And I don't even want to."

Privately you roll your eyes, and I watch your shoulders droop as you tell me how out of date it is. You feel stuck with this gift that seems to carry the weight of the world with it.


Maybe it's also broken, or dingy from years of general neglect. So you've thought about fixing or updating it yourself, but ... well, family is complicated.

And it all feels like too much.


the dilemma

I know how hard this can be, from my own experience. I couldn't function clearly when it came to my parents' stuff, after my mom died. It was years before I came out of that fog.

On the one hand, those family ties create a lot of guilt at the idea of letting them go. 

On the other hand, a lot of old pieces were really well-made, so ... ?


I have been through this

This where I can help you, because I don't have those emotional attachments in your situation, so I can help you navigate what to do with this wooden furniture that has a history for you, but doesn't fit into your life as it is.


It is possible to honor your parents and honor yourself.

What if we could transform that dresser that your Mom put her jewelry onto at night, into a dresser that you will love?

What if your children and grandchildren even love it?

While it came out of the past, you are the one in the middle, the one who will decide what its future will be.

Maybe you’ll decide to let it go. If that's best for you, I support you.

But if you want transformation, this is what I love.

Bring your photos in for a free consultation, or I can visit you via Zoom or in person, and together we can give these pieces a new, joyful life, for the future.

Reach me :: Lisa <at> LiveYummy.com

Best wishes,

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