Fun Vermont Farmhouse Studio & Online Store

Fun Vermont Farmhouse Studio & Online Store

funky old Vermont farmhouse

After losing my fabulous store location, and then even the consignment store I was selling paint at (!), I found myself at home thinking about everything I lost.

Lisa Johnson artist at Live Yummy - Artful Living in Vermont

I have to be honest. I spent some time grieving. More than I'd like to tell you. 

But I got back to the light, by focusing on what I *DO* have. 

Lisa Johnson Live Yummy Artful Living at Vermont farmhouse studio showing how to sand dresser drawers while doing furniture refinishing

I have a fun, cool, old, funky Vermont farmhouse.


rudbeckia yellow flowers at Live Yummy's Vermont farmhouse studio

And my Facebook posts and reels have suddenly found an audience at a size I never expected! 
Lisa Johnson furniture artist at Live Yummy - Artful Living - painting furniture wicker chairs colorful with DIY Paints by Debi's Design Diary

I've done some painting sessions on Facebook live, including these free-spirited wicker chairs, outside in my driveway, and had lots of people join in, and it gave me a lot of hope that there's a future for this here at home. You can also find me on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Shopify for online sales

DIY Paints by Debi's Design Diary in pink and cherry

And now it's easy to buy DIY Paints from me no matter where you are in the US, because my online store is up and the paints and topcoats are available! 


Please let me know if I can answer any questions at all ~ just email me ~ Lisa <at> 

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